I have accumulated seven years of teaching experience at Colby College and the University of California, San Diego. I approach my role as an educator as one of challenging students to develop disciplinary competence while honoring their singular goals, capacities, and worldviews. I see students as citizens and participants in plural communities, and strive to integrate educational requirements for mastery of technical knowledge with their own projects of personal development and community-building.

As an instructor I not only challenge students to develop competency in higher-order thinking and proficiency in disciplinary knowledge, but open up spaces for them to grow as self-directed individuals and responsible members of diverse communities. I believe that Sociology as a discipline affords unique opportunities for students to explore their world and themselves from critical and emancipatory perspectives. I am committed to ensuring that all students have equal opportunity to realize their academic goals in the classroom, and encourage them to integrate these with their personal goals beyond the academy.


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