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Natalie Aviles. “mechanisms, “mechanisms”, and a call for pluralism in sociological explanation.” Scatterplot, November 17, 2017.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Articles linked to publishing journals are behind paywalls. If you are unable to access these articles and would like a copy please email me. I am always happy to share my work.

Aviles, Natalie B. Forthcoming. “Situated practice and the emergence of ethical research: HPV vaccine development and organizational cultures of translation at the National Cancer Institute.” Science, Technology, & Human Values.

Aviles, Natalie B.* and Isaac Ariail Reed. 2017. “Ratio via machina: Three standards of mechanistic explanation in sociology.” Sociological Methods & Research 46(4): 715-738.
*   First author

Aviles, Natalie B. 2015. “The little death: Rigoni-Stern and the problem of sex and cancer in 20th century biomedical research.” Social Studies of Science 45(3): 394-415.
*   Winner of the 2015 Hacker-Mullins Student Paper Award, Science, Knowledge, and Technology Section. American Sociological Association.


Working Papers

Aviles, Natalie B. “Opening the black box of organizations in Science and Technology Studies: What STS can learn from pragmatist organizational theory and processual sociology.” Chapter in edited volume Sociology and Pragmatism: Renewing the Conversation (eds. Neil Gross, Christopher Winship, and Isaac Reed). Working paper available upon request.

Scheffler, Robin W. and Natalie B. Aviles. “A paper culture of cancer research: Stabilizing human cancer viruses as administrative objects in the National Cancer Institute Special Virus-Leukemia Program.” Working paper available upon request.

Aviles, Natalie B. “A problem of superposition in sociological theory: Toward a dappled world of mesolevel explanation.” Working paper available upon request.